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Michael S

"Within minutes of taking GlutaMyst™ I had a surge of energy and a sense of well-being. In addition, I had one of the best night's sleep in a long time. Here's to growing younger."

Mary L

"I have experienced an impressive change with GlutaMyst™. I've gained energy, mental clarity and I have rejuvenated my skin, hands, and neck in just 10 days of use and my friends are already noticing it."

Pepe G

"I have been using supplements for 30 years, and what I have felt with GlutaMyst™ I have never experienced before. More energy, vitality, focus, and now I feel more agile when I walk. I feel changes in my skin, and I have only been using it for 12 days."

Leah G

"Since starting on a combination of XanthoMyst™ & GlutaMyst™ consistently, I have been sleeping every night for 7-9 hours for the last week. On top of that, I've only had one night of dealing with an episode.”

Adam L

"I wake up feeling so much more refreshed and ready to crush the day since starting GlutaMyst™! My energy levels have gone through the roof! So excited for the innovations we get to offer."

Debbie G

"GlutaMyst™has proven to be a great experience for my digestive health issues. Taking GlutaMyst™ before meals has been a total game changer for me.”

Shantel W

"After using GlutaMyst™, I now have energy that lasts all day long, my brain fog has lifted! I am able to focus and get more done! My skin has cleared up and I already can see a different in my complexion! I have never seen results from a product so quickly!”

Ted W

"From the instant this ultra fine mist first hit my mouth, I recognized immediately the massive innovation GlutaMyst™ represents.”

Introducing Dr. Fred Templeman,
XanthoMyst™ consultant and medical advisor

CTFO welcomes Dr. Templeman as a consultant and medical advisor focused on XanthoMyst™ and GlutaMyst™. More importantly, CTFO wants to give our associates access to his counsel and wisdom as CTFO expands our footprint around the globe. Dr. Templeman, commented:

"GlutaMyst™ provides glutathione, the most crucial antioxidant for intracellular protection, in a lipid- encapsulated nanoparticle that can access the bloodstream in seconds. Combined with XanthoMyst™, the most potent antioxidant nature has designed in the Mangosteen fruit, CTFO has formulated the most effective antioxidant 1-2 punch in the industry!

Nature's best combined with cutting edge science to provide unparalleled protection for your body."

Phillip Zinni III DO, FAOASM, MS, ATC,
Functional & Regenerative Medicine Chief Medical Officer

"In my integrative / Functional / Homeopathic / Regenerative / Sports Medicine practices, I've used Intravenous (IV) Glutathione for decades with GREAT Results! Unfortunately, IV Glutathione is very expensive. Now EVERYBODY can get a highly bioavailable, easy to use, highly effective, cost affordable, DAILY Glutathione product; introducing GlutaMyst™!

Glutathione is not just available to elite athletes, celebrities and the uber wealthy- it's available to ALL of US!"

Let's put size into perspective.

Nanosizing Glutathione increases the surface area.

The surface area is important because the greater the surface area, the more cells can use the supplement.


GlutaMyst™ nanosized Glutathione are 65nm-75nm.
65nm is up to 30X smaller than 2 microns.

Experience the extraordinary benefits supported by GlutaMyst™ and transform how you age!
Glutathione Nutrition Helps & Supports:
  • Cellular Energy Production*
  • Healthy Aging*
  • Muscle and Joint Health*
  • Inflammation Health*
  • Optimal Immune Function*
  • Natural Liver and Cellular Detoxification*
  • Optimal Quality of Sleep*
  • Natural Processing of Daily Stressor*
prepare for a paradigm shift
in anti-aging science!

From the moment you Twist & Myst™ GlutaMyst™ onto the soft tissue of your mouth, you’ll love the way the tiny nanobubbles are transported with lightning speed passing into the body, in as little as 15-30 seconds.


Your Journey To A Revitalized life, STARTS RIGHT NOW!

Order your glutamyst™ today

Try it risk-free today with our 60-day, money-back guarantee!


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual weight loss results will vary.

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